Main Story

A girlfriend in distress. 
Allies in need of assistance.
Reiho Academy overtaken by an unseen adversary...

Kunio and Riki unite, fueled by the fierce spark that burns deep within.
The curtain rises on this fiery tale of fists and fervor…

A four-day venture of violence with Kunio through River City.
Join him as he teams up with Riki to rout ruffians, protect turfs, and put a stop to the malicious machinations of Reiho Academy!

New Story Paths for Additional Playthroughs

River City: Yamada's Side

A side story available upon completing the Rival Showdown mode.
Discover how Yamada gains his dastardly powers and goes on to scheme his way to the top.
An arsenal of malevolent techniques are at your disposal in this forray through the dark heart of River City.

Riki's Story

A special scenario added to the main story.
Follow Riki and witness his side of what went down during the four day period of the River City incident.
What was he up to all that time?
Unlock this compelling parallel plot by clearing River City: Yamada's Side.

* Unlocked automatically if save data for "River City Saga: Three Kingdoms" is present.

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